The Marketplace for your DNA

Why use Genebook?

Genebook is a global genetic marketplace that allows individuals like you to securely use your DNA and safely own your genetic code. Genebook empowers you with distributed ledger technologies, that let you anonymously interact with healthcare bodies that want to utilize your DNA data, while you capture all the profit from the value it creates.

Data Security & Privacy

Genebook offers you a security layer that allows you to share your DNA as well as personal, lifestyle and medical information. To provide you with security, anonymity and privacy, our distributed ledger ecosystem is powered by discretionary smart-contracts (DSC). With Genebook you can set the terms of your interaction with the healthcare ecosystem. Genebook doesn’t see or own your data, and it never will. Most importantly you own 100% of the profits.

Anonymous Interaction

Genebook users interact 100% anonymously with third parties. Your personal identity is never known by any of the organizations you interact with, except by yourself.  Our distributed ledger technology provides a secure environment where your data and identity remain safe. What’s most important is that you are in total control of your data & identity, and can opt out at any time, leaving no trace behind.

Marketplace Connectivity

The key pillar for our robust platform‘s growth is our decentralized, yet user-centric infrastructure, built on the highest quality of raw data and safeguards for personal privacy. In the long term, when data is re-used more frequently, it will allow Genebook and its community of certified members to grow and generate further insights.

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Current Healthcare System

Consumers Feed Existing Platforms with Personal & Health Data where Information is not Utilized at its Best.
  • Patient’s data is commercialized without the authorization of the owner.
  • Data is not used and remains siloed.
  • Patients are diagnosed without looking at the whole picture.
  • Data breaches expose users and patient integrity.
  • Health and personal data remain the property of private companies.

Genebook's System

Creating a User-centric DNA-based Marketplace with Exponential Value Growth.
  • You are empowered to own 100% of the benefits created through the sharing of your data.
  • Healthcare providers combine efforts to create intelligence from your data.
  • Our partners help you identify what’s good for you, based on your unique DNA code.
  • You own your DNA data and can interact anonymously with healthcare bodies of your choice.
  • Discretionary Smart-Contracts (DSC) protect your identity and DNA data.

How it Works?

This is Your Genebook Account

You can securely upload your health data & DNA code.


This is Your Data

Your Genebook account can be fed with Medical, DNA & Lifestyle information. Healthcare bodies seek this data to refine personalized offerings.


Discretionary Smart-Contract

To protect you from data misuse, Genebook uses Discretionary Smart-Contracts (DSC). These are pieces of code with built-in systemic oversight capabilities running on distributed ledger networks.

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